Welcome to the 2011 SpinDoc Santa Fe Century Training Blog

Please join us for our Santa Fe Century training program to prepare for the May 15, 2011 event. Come by the shop and commit yourself to the 25, 50, 75, or 100 mile distance by declaring your intention on our sign up wall. Please use this BLOG to post comments or questions about training, equipment, nutrition, or any other questions, observations, or input you may have. You can find a detailed description of the plan on our website at http://www.spindoc.com

Monday, March 7, 2011

SpinDoc 2011 Santa Fe Century Training BLOG

SpinDoc is conducting a multi-part training program in preparation for the Santa Fe Century on May 15, 2011. There is no cost to participants. The information offered will benefit every cyclist, not just those interested in riding the century. We urge all cyclists to participate.

The SpinDoc Santa Fe Century training program for 2011 consists of four elements:

1) Three indoor cycling classes each week geared specifically for century training. Each class will highlight a different training aspect.

Monday 6:00AM Natasha “Cadence is king”

Classes will focus on maintaining a consistent cadence even when the roads tilts up.

Wednesday 9:00AM Chandler “Steady as it Goes”

Classes will provide one hour of steady state riding. The object of steady state riding is to train the body to efficiently convert energy to fuel while functioning in an aerobic state and ultimately results in raising your lactic threshold.

Friday 7:00AM Jerry “Strong to the Finish”

Classes will help build climbing strength while teaching the importance of utilizing recovery for some of those hilly miles.

2) A classroom session will be held Wednesday, March 9, at 6:00PM with discussions led by instructors on the following 3 subjects:

Kirk Equipment and bike fit.

A bike that fits properly will promote the most efficient transfer of energy to forward motion while minimizing risk of injury. Reliable equipment can keep you safe and moving forward.

Natasha Nutrition and training.

Nutrition is important while training to promote lean muscle building and fast recovery. Nutrition while on the bike is essential to provide an ongoing fuel source. A healthy, realistic, and measured approach to training will yield the greatest benefits while avoiding burn out and injury.

Jerry Bike Skills.

If you have ever wondered why groups of riders often ride single file, it’s not for the view. A group of riders working together can conserve energy while providing opportunities for recovery between efforts. At the other extreme are large, uncoordinated groups like those you sometimes find at the start of an event like the century.

3) Weekly Saturday morning “Skills and Hills” ride.

Each Saturday morning a ride departs SpinDoc at 9:00AM. Rides will last approximately two hours. Ride leaders will rotate between Jerry, Natasha, Kirk, and Chandler. There will often be more than one SpinDoc instructor accompanying. NO ONE will be dropped on these rides. Skills training will include interacting with traffic, riding in a pack, and drafting.

4) Training Blog.

SpinDoc hosts a blog, with access through our website, offering training advice, answers to training questions, and a place to find some suggestions to relieve that sore butt!